Re-calibrate your communication for impact.

You’re already creating impact by working towards achieving your organization’s SDG goals. We know how to tell the story about the work that you do. Why not put our minds together and build on our collective knowledge to take your impact to the next level?

Join us for new insights and fresh perspective as we look at your impact work through the lens of storytelling. You know your goals best, and we’re here to help you articulate them. 

Over lunch, you can share your case and see how the Makmende approach to remote, authentic storytelling can help shake things up. You’ll come away with a better understanding of your key messaging, audience, storytelling and remote production potential to build a robust content strategy. This way, you can get back to building your program and working to drive change (what you do best) and we can flex our creative impact storytelling skills to help you achieve and celebrate your goals (our forte). 

Every session we focus on a different SDG and impact area, so take a look at what’s coming up below and sign up for the one most relevant to you. We can’t wait to dive deep to help you hone your impact storytelling to create change! 

Remote video production for Impact investors

Although impact investing is hot and an increasing ‘must’, it can still be quite a challenge for funds to communicate about ‘impact’ to investors, partners and stakeholders. More specifically, to explain concretely what makes your fund stand out and to profile yourself amongst many other funds.

So how do we put a face (and a heart) to your sustainable investment? By telling the story through a human lens and by conveying the necessity and importance of the impact in daily lives of communities worldwide, we can show there is a higher purpose and bigger value to your investment than just “return on investment”.

Dates: January 17, 30, 31

Intro to impact comms: Impact investment organizations

Social entrepreneurs and the organizations that support them work together to address some of today’s most complex challenges. For entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs), telling the story means going beyond raising awareness and looking towards telling a story that recognizes the compounded impact their programs have on the world of social entrepreneurship. 

Join us for a free 1 hour workshop to up your game with regards to supporting entrepreneurs who are driving change with their business!


Dates: Coming soon

Intro to impact comms: Climate change and Water Organizations

Many global organisations work on raising awareness and provoke accelerated action in times of urgency. There is a challenge for comms professionals to tell uplifting, inspirational stories to take urgent action to turn the tide.


Join us for a free 1 hour workshop to up your game with regards to climate change communication!

Dates: Coming soon

Communicating on Gender equality

Non-profit organisations on a mission to fight for inclusivity and gender equality know that providing equal access to opportunities and resources is not so obvious. How to make the invisible visible and the voiceless heard? The realities of mainstream opinions and cultural patterns can be harder than a brick wall and this is so real for those who deal with the topic around gender equality.

Join us for a free 1 hour workshop to up your game with regards to gender equality communication!

Dates: Coming soon

Communication on Global

Most people will not question the need for a global health approach since the entire globe has been held hostage by the Covid 19 pandemic. Yet, all experts in the field will agree that we are far from there and many obstacles are still ahead of us. 


Join us for a free 1 hour workshop to up your game with regards to global health communication!

Dates: Coming soon

Communicating on Sustainable nutrition

No need to say: the topic of sustainable nutrition and healthy foods is hot. The world is increasingly aware of the far reaching consequences of how we feed ourselves and the impact it has, not just on our physical health but also on the wellbeing of our communities, environment and the future of our planet. 

Join us for a free 1 hour workshop to up your game with regards to sustainable nutrition communication!

Dates: Coming soon

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