VR for social impact organizations

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A workshop on ‘360° video for impact’

Is your organization creating impact around the world, then you might be struggling to get your message across to the audiences over here. How to make that connection? The 360° video experience is a way to bridge that gap, and bring a far reality closer to home

It’s an effective tool for offline fundraising at conferences, meetings or even for street marketing. It leaves people in awe and is a great conversation starter.

The program

In this workshop we’ll talk about different ways to tell your story in 360°. Some tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts and share some examples of best practices. We’ll work together with you on translating your story and communications need to a 360° video experience.

Why 360° for impact communciation?

360° video is an immersive experience. When you put on the goggles you step into a new reality. You can look behind you, above and below and hear the sounds around you. YouTube and Facebook now also support 360°, which means it’s accessible online and can be watched without goggles. Simply move your tablet or mobile to watch the complete scene.
Mayor news platforms like The New York Times, Al Jazeera and the Guardian have integrated it in their publications, because it stands out from their regular videos and tells the story from ‘all sides’, literally.

Where and When

Friday 22 March (FULL)

Tuesday 26 March, 14:30- 17:00 (Amsterdam)

Thursday 28 March, 14:30- 17:00 (Amsterdam)

workshop VR for social impact organizations

In collaboration with FNV we made a 360° video. On an event consumers found out how and
by whom their jeans was made and how they can help these employees.

Do you want to bring a far reality closer to home and allow potential donors, stakeholders or partners to experience the world in 360°? Then join us and discover how VR can work for your organization.

Fill in the form or send an email to claudia@makmendemedia.com

and assure yourself of a spot (full = full)