What we’ve been up to

What we’ve been up to

Can we all agree that there are many stories to discover and dive into amidst this pandemic? Wouldn’t it be a shame to let these stories go to waste?

With the majority of the planet on lockdown, how can we make this work?

We came up with one solution: The Hive.

Our team of producers have been reaching out to crews with the new concept of getting our crews to collect user-generated content in the form of phone videos via their network of contacts.

Essentially, the concept is to place crews in the role of the producer. 

All content is gathered by our local producer to be edited in-house into a viable product and sent to our client(s). The client will in turn use this content on their own platform of choice (social media channels, website etc).

The concept was overall well-received by the crews we’ve contacted with certain questions that came to mind:
-what set of guidelines should we implement to keep optimal quality for each user-generated video?
-what’s the easiest way to get participant’s consent?
-which platform should the videos be transferred through? What platform is most user-friendly and accessible?
-what platforms could be used to contact participants other than What’s App?  

We currently have paid assignments coming up for The Hive. If you’d like to be added to our Hive network, shoot an email to our producer Claire, at claire@makmendemedia.com

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