Re-IMAGE-ine money: How do you turn impact investment into tangible, human and inspirational storytelling?​

Session on remote video storytelling for impact investors - talking about money and numbers.

Although impact investing is hot and an increasing ‘must’, it can still be quite a challenge for funds to communicate about ‘impact’ to investors, partners and stakeholders. More specifically, to explain concretely what makes your fund stand out and to profile yourself amongst many other funds. So how do we put a face (and a heart) to your sustainable investment? By telling the story through a human lens and by conveying the necessity and importance of the impact in daily lives of communities worldwide, we can show there is a higher purpose and bigger value to your investment than just “return on investment”. 

Our team at Makmende has many years of experience in crafting stories for funds such as SIFEM, PWC, Symbiotics, Triple Jump, H&M Foundation, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, FMO and others. During this remote video production session we briefly explain how to build on a content strategy that starts with the first question: 1. How can you position yourself better? (as you are not the only impact investor out there). 2.  What makes a story powerful? After this we dig deeper into the third question: 3. How can you up your game with remote video storytelling? And how do you avoid the major pitfalls that are connected to remote production? What do you need to take into account? And how do you collaborate with all the different players in the field?
We will have a look at impact investment related cases (produced in collaboration with impact fund Regmifa and SIFEM  to illustrate these takeaways.

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