YALTA | Rwanda

Engaging Youth in East Africa

With YALTA (Youth in Agroecology and Business Learning Track) Agriprofocus and partners aims to encourage youth in Eastern Africa to get involved in agroecology. YALTA gives youth the tools and knowledge to start a business or career in agroecology.

Yalta is an initiative by the Netherlands Food Partnership to promote agroecology and business amongst youth in Africa. Their groundbreaking approach aims to launch agriculture into the 21st century. And they’re betting on the young generations to take on this challenge. The problem is that globally youth tend to move away from agriculture. So what does it take to get them more involved? NFP asked us to create a strategy and to produce content that would reach youth in Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Kenya and get that conversation started.

Makmende Approach
We decided to stay away from traditional media platforms and instead use influential people to get the message across. They became the ‘faces’ of the campaign, but they were also the producers and the publishers of the content on their own (social media) channels. By ‘owning’ the content in this, their message became even more authentic and personal.

The influencers hit the streets to understand why youth weren’t getting into agriculture and how they could be triggered to consider it. Based on their findings we created the concepts for each of the country’s campaigns. All of them different and each tailored to the specific needs of the audiences we set out to reach.

Behind the Scenes

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