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Who Owns Identity | Hivos

The struggle for sexual diversity and an inclusive society is ongoing. It’s a struggle for equal rights, but also a struggle to be accepted in the community, within the family and at the workplace. What does it take to be yourself? Who owns your identity?  

Hivos celebrated its 50th anniversary with an event for all Hivos employees and its management. As part of the program, they showed 5 films, each with a different theme and all produced by Makmende. We filmed in Kenya -Who owns food?, in Zimbabwe – Who owns civic space?, In Lebanon – Who owns women’s rights, In Indonesia – Who owns energy? and in Costa Rica -Who owns Identity? which is showcased here.
We translated every theme into a personal story to feature ‘frontrunners’ of Hivos.

Makmende was able to film these stories simultaneously in different corners of the world, together with our network of local crews.
Curious to know how we do that? Drop us a line below and we will contact you.

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