Water as Leverage

Local Perspectives, Global Opportunities

As far as climate change goes, water security is amongst the most critical issues we face. Water as Leverage see things differently. Where others see danger, they see opportunity. They want to transform our relationship with water, and at the same time build communities that are healthier and more prosperous than ever before.

Water as Leverage see things clearly, but it doesn’t matter what they think. Could Makmende help them convince policy makers to see the future as they do?

Makmende Approach
We used our network to find three water ‘heroes’ in Semarang (Indonesia), Chennai (India) and Khulna (Bangladesh) who held deeply a vision for a prosperous water-powered future and worked with them to help us paint that vision on film. With their words and our animations, we made this hypothetical future feel real.

Our five minute film was shown at COP26 in Glasgow, and opened a panel discussion we produced for World Water Week 2021. Our message was seen and heard by the people with the power to decide which fork in the river we take.

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