How do you bring a far away reality closer to home? It’s an issue many NGO’s  struggle with.  360° video is the next best thing to physically go somewhere. With the 360 goggles on you can look around you, above and below. It’s an immersive experience and a great conversation started at conferences and events. The material can also be watched online or with your mobile phone (by moving it around in the air).

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For the Care fundraising campaign ‘Walk in her Shoes’, Makmende created 3 short 360° films in Jordan, featuring three very different women: a Syrian refugee living in a refugee camp with her family; a young mother starting up a plumbing business  in a male dominated society and a senior farmer living off the land, with nothing else but her two worn hands to depend on. Care invites the Dutch audience to walk a mile in their shoes, experience what their life is like and join Care to support these women.

360° Video is an effective tool if you want to create a buzz online, or gather a crowd at events and presentations.

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