How do you bring a far away reality closer to home? It’s an issue many NGO’s, operating worldwide, struggle with. The 360° video experience is a new way to immerse audiences and transport them to a different reality.

For the Care fundraising campaign ‘Walk in her Shoes’, Makmende created 3 short 360° films in Jordan, featuring three very different women: a Syrian refugee living in a refugee camp with her family; a young mother starting up a plumbing business  in a male dominated society and a senior farmer living off the land, with nothing else but her two worn hands to depend on.
Care invites the Dutch audience to walk a mile in their shoes, experience what their life is like and join Care to support these women.

360° Video is a new storytelling tool. An immersive experience, which brings a foreign reality closer to your own, use goggles to look  behind, above and besides you. Be transported to the refugee camps of Jordan, the streets of Bangalore or the salt flats of Bolivia. 360° Video is an effective tool if you want to create a buzz online, or gather a crowd at events and presentations.

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