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Education changes lives. It’s the way for individuals to grow, to find their way in society and to give back to it. That is why education can’t be interrupted, especially for children growing up in unstable contexts like a refugee camp. IIEP-UNESCO and EdDevTrust run a multi-country research study on promising policies and practices for effective teacher management in refugee settings. They were looking for a visualization of these research results, complementing the written reports, in order to raise international awareness on the importance of education in a refugee context and the opportunities and challenges involved. The aim is to enable key policy makers and donors to better understand and respond to the daily reality of living and teaching in refugee settings.

"The storyline is perfect, the editing great, and the organization of the different steps was impeccable."
Katja Hinz
Programme specialist - Crisis sensitive planning

Makmende's approach:

Teachers are the key to success in any education system, so we wanted their voices to be heard. Makmende created a video series that spotlights teachers in refugee-hosting communities in different African countries, using user generated content. The teachers shared their daily experiences from their perspective, opening their classrooms and capturing their realities with the cameras on their phones. The videos show the essential role they play in shaping the future of young refugees, highlighting the teacher’s dedication and commitment under challenging and fast-changing circumstances. 

"The film is really fantastic - simple, intimate, moving” -- well done!!”
Peter Transburg
Senior communications coordinator


The videos have been used on various international forums to enforce policy commitments to improve the quality of refugee education. The films has been showcased during World Refugee Day on the 20th June as well as World Teacher Day on the 5th October and via UNESCO’s websites, newsletters, and through partner channels. Until this moment, it has been viewed more than 1600 times.

Moreover, this form of reporting has proven to be a valuable addition to the research reports. IIEP shares their desire and plans to include the film and its future sequences in their knowledge sharing workshops. Furthermore, it will be showcased during IIEP’s international Policy Forum, where  the organisation will present their research findings to policy-makers in charge of refugee education and donor organisations. 

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