Aidsfund | Bridging the gaps 

The Dutch Aids Fonds created a special program called ‘Bridging the Gaps’ to support key populations that have a high risk of becoming infected with HIV. We made a series of videos about their projects in Vietnam, Tajikistan, Ukraine, South Africa and Kyrgyzstan. All stories are told from a personal perspective, to give a voice (and a face!) to the individuals behind the program. The films portray sex workers, LGBT people and people who use drugs, by telling their individual stories we try to reduce the stigma that surrounds them.

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‘Makmende’s crew demonstrated professionalism not only in the production of strong and touching videos, but also in treating our people and the sensitive issues that we address in a respectful way’.
Martine van der Meulen, Contentmanager involvment at Aids Fonds

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