Summannati - Green Bond

How do you make your impact understood, heard and felt?

Symbiotics, a Swiss leading market access platform for impact investing, partnered with Samunnati, an Indian Agru value Chain enabler, who issues loans to promising projects that fit the pillars of the Green Bond.

Agriculture is in a worldwide crisis, and in India, these effects are particularly important as agriculture employs half of the population. How could we showcase a flagship of the Green Bond program of Symbiotics that was inspirational to investors and emphasized the social and environmental impact of the investments.

Makmende Approach
We wanted to explore the hypothesis that through impact investing, innovative and groundbreaking social and environmental impact can be achieved. To do so, we found the inspiring story of Gratitude Farms. An Indian agri-tech start-up, led by a passionate, retired technician, who carefully developed his own innovative food forest model, by combining ancient techniques with modern solutions.

We created a video for Symbiotics, that zooms in on one particular case. The story of Gratitude Farms is inspirational to investors and other viewers, and it shows the social and environmental impact of the investments.

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