Space Office + G4AW | impact story


Our planet can provide food and water for everyone, but only if we use our resources wisely and step up our game.
And the good news is: with satellite data, now we can.
Satellite data can be translated to mobile phone based services, such as agricultural advice, enabling higher crop yields, more efficient use of water, seeds and fertilizers, early warnings for droughts, flooding or disease.
-All the information food producers,  investors or insurance companies need to eventually boost production.

In collaboration with Netherlands Space Office, G4AW and the Dutch government we made a series of films to inspire potential investors on their work.  By 2050 we’ll have 9 billion mouths to feed and less land to farm on. The challenge is real and the solution is here.

Due to our network of local crews we were able to make a sustainable multi-country production in Uganda and Bangladesh. Curious to know more? Drop us a line below and we will contact you. See the whole film here.

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