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“We are organizing a party to celebrate or 10th anniversary”, with these words OeEB approached MAKMENDE. “And we would like MAKMENDE to show our stakeholders the impact of our our work.”.

The OeEB is more than a bank, it’s in institution which strives for positive social and environmental impact. But how do you visualize that impact to their closest stakeholders? Banking is all about ledgers, balances and compliance, not exactly your ordinary ingredients for a movie script.

But, we love these kind of challenges.

MAKMENDE advised OeEB to choose for a beneficieray oriented approach where we focus on the impact of their investments on the daily life of people.  What are their stories? How do these ordinary folk profit from large institutional investments and what good has it brought them? 

Our crew of three working on Rachel’s story ( director, cameraman and photographer) ..and Rachel herself.

The result is the story about Rachel, a Kampala girl, single mother and an entrepreneur who’s life has impacted though one of OeEB’s investments.

Don’t forget: people do not follow brands online to be bombarded with promotions. Weather you are a bank or a NGO. Rather, they follow you online because they believe in you social mission. Showing your impact on the ground, will create strong and  believable communication which is key to increase your brand value. Do you want to know how this works for your organization?

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