When Microbanker launched a radical new platform allowing people to sponsor individual entrepreneurs in Uganda, they needed to create a buzz around it. They asked us to come up with something ‘daring’.
So we organized a lipdub in a small Ugandan town called Mukono together with 500 women, singing and dancing to Jesse J’s ‘Pricetag’.
It resulted in a heartwarming, humorous videoclip that shows how we all have similar dreams and aspirations, regardless of our environment or the country we happen to live in. The video hit 2 million views on youtube and brought in large donations to help finance small businesses around the world. It was awarded the golden radiator award, an award for videos that avoid stereotypes.

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‘Makmende helped us to make a promo video, it became Africa’s largest lipdub. Choosing the most impactful message was instrumental in getting the video to go viral on social media.’
Duko Hopman, founder and CEO of Microbanker

Jessie J tweeted: @ Positive imagery, Funny, lifting on a social media hype


golden radiator award

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