| Impact stories| Booster aims to contribute to a more sustainable future for the global tourism industry. Through the ‘Booking Booster Programme’ they’re supporting a growing group of awesome startups that look to scale their businesses, and impact, globally.
Makmende is proud to be’s communications partner for the Booking Booster programme.
We initiated our collaboration in 2017 with the first Booking Booster in Amsterdam and  are currently fully immersed in the second edition of the Booster, while also capturing the events at the regional ‘Booking Booster Labs’ in Barcelona, Tel Aviv and New York.

As a market leader in the tourism industry wants to support sustainable initiatives, while at the same time inspiring their own employees.
The communication of the Booster programme is therefore targeted mostly at the thousands of Booking employees, to get them involved and exited about the Booster programme and about sustainable tourism.

Communication can be a great supporting tool to change and shape your organisation and inspire employees. Contact Makmende to find out what it can do for your business.


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