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How do you bring a far away reality closer to home? It’s an issue many NGO’s and businesses struggle with.  360° video is the next best thing to physically go somewhere. With the 360 goggles on you can look around you, above and below. It’s an immersive experience and a great conversation started at conferences and events. The material can also be watched online or with your mobile phone (by moving it around in the air).

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In collaboration with Mondiaal FNV we made a 360° video. On an event of Mondiaal FNV Dutch citizens stepped into the world of Pakhi, 1 of the 8000 employees in jeans factory in Bangladesh. This way they found out how and by whom their jeans was made and how they can help these employees. For Mondiaal FNV this 360° Video was a perfect way to connect producers from Bangladesh with consumers in the Netherlands. 

360° Video is an effective tool if you want to create a buzz online, or gather a crowd at events and presentations.

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