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The feeling of coming home, pass it on

Our home is not just made of bricks. Home is a place where we can relax, where we feel security and love, where we build our memories. We can convey that feeling by building a house together for someone else. The feeling of coming home, you can pass it on.

This narrative was the umberella of all communication assets of the campaign we created for Habitat for Humanity. They asked us to position their organization within younger target groups in the Netherlands. And start the conversation with them. Of course we couldn’t say no to this.

Not a thing or action, but a universal feeling

Instead of talking about building house, we started talking about coming home. Not a thing or action, but a universal feeling. To start this conversation with new younger target groups asked two Dutch influencers ask their followers questions such as: “What does home mean?” And “What is the feeling of coming home to you?”. For about two months they created content around this theme, and their followers where always happy to answer all their question. During this two months they also went on a building trip themselves, to create a connection between people from Malawi and people from The Netherlands. How? By discovering what coming home means to people in Malawi. Ofcourse always staying in touch with their followers, involving them in this journey.

In the meantime, we reached new target groups with the same questions through a social media campaign. We tested which new target groups responded well to the Habitat story. This campaign finished with lead generation among these target groups.

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The campaign was a great success. Via the influencers we achieved over 1 million impressions with an engagement of nearly 40,000 from the younger target group. Via the social media advertising we found out what target groups with what interests interact well with Habitats story. The Instagram account tripled in 2 months and Habitat was asked to talk about it on Coffee time, a daytime show on Dutch national TV. Moreover, Habitat had a list full of new people who were interested in a building trip the following fall.

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