CARTIER laureates announcement online 

Due to the global pandemic, Cartier had to cancel its live event in Boston (USA) and was forced to move their entire annual Award Show online. 

Suddenly it was impossible for the organisation to fly in all the participants and jurors from all over the world and celebrate the Award Show in person in a glamourous setting as was normally the case.

Therefore Makmende was asked on short notice to step in to come up with a creative concept, format ideas and solutions to make sure that the entire happening would be as surprising and engaging as possible. 

Eventually, Makmende’s team scripted the line up of the event. Our production team created short re-edits of the 21 portraits that we had shot before and we asked the participants to send us homemade video fragments shot on their mobile phones. Our team understood that the combination of both types of content made the show diverse, inspirational and entertaining.

We also quickly learnt to produce the entire show within Covid 19 safety regulations, to direct remotely with a Master of Ceremony and provide the support during the live stream event with a community manager to guarantee the right level of interaction and engagement with the audience during the livestream.

After the event Makmende delivered short clips and shareable content for social media purposes to keep the momentum alive and to provide all the finalists with great PR- material 

so each of the women’s brand stories could make some great waves on their LinkedIn pages and other social media.

Feel free to look at the entire event here and the social media page here

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