GAIN | Storytelling through 360

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition | Storytelling through 360

The effect of dietary diversity on improving health and wellbeing is immense. That’s why GAIN is working on healthier workforce for workers on the tea fields and garment industry. Helping farmers through better hygiene and diet trainings, reduces sickness, helping them to be more productive. But also businesses such as UNILEVER gain from a healthier workforce through increased brand reputation and an opportunity to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals.

GAIN asked us to help them raise awareness on their program among these businesses and share positive and captivating stories of change which show that the concept works.

We created 360 videos on their program in Bangladesh and India. These videos told personal and emotionally strong stories of employees. Through the life and story of the workers involved in GAIN’s Workforce Nutrition Program, we show the impact of the program on workers and their families and why it is so important to have workforce nutrition programs installed.

The videos were shown during important meetings with business partners and government. With the goggles on, the viewers experienced what it’s like to be a worker in these places. The connection wasn’t just made through words, but rather through sounds, visuals and the feeling of being there. All senses were ON as they looked behind, above and below and heard the sounds around them.

Due to our network of local crews we were able to make a sustainable multi-country production. Curious to know more? Drop us a line below and we will contact you.

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