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‘Find individuals from all corners of the world who are not online, but who have something amazing to share’. Facebook first approached us with this incredible challenge in 2014. We were immediately triggered by their request.
They wanted to show the world how much we’re all missing out on, when so many of us lack access to the internet.
Together with our worldwide network we set out on a global story hunt. We found no less than 500 stories in over 24 countries, within only 6 weeks. After that first massive research round we did two more research assignments. This time focussing on first time users. How did online access change their lives? Again we found the hidden gems, tales of lost love reunited by Facebook, accounts of growing businesses and educational opportunities for rural children.

Many of the people we found have been filmed and photographed for the internet.org initiative. We’ve seen how connectivity has been changing lives in the past 2 years and we are proud to give testimony of that progress through our research.

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