Care and H&M Foundation | Influencer campaign

Care | #Wegotthis 

On March 8, international women’s day, we launched an infuencer campaign with Care and the H&M foundation to celebrate women’s achievements around the world.
Connecting influencers from the Netherlands to female frontrunners around the world.
We called upon women to share their achievements on a post-it, and post it on their instagram feed. Photos and video supported the campaign that continued throughout the Month of March.
47 Influencers participated with a total reach of over 200.000 on Instagram only and an engagement rate over over 7%.  The campaign was mentioned on blogs and two of our influencers were asked to talk about it on Koffietijd, a daytime show on Dutch national TV.

An influencer campaign can be an effective tool to reach and interact with younger target audiences, or specific target groups.
As a brand or organisation you don’t just want to get your message out there, you want people to own that message and interact with you. Or better still, you want to tap into an existing conversation and become part of it. Because that’s when you become relevant and effective. That is why we are especially proud of the 7% engagement rate on this campaign. It’s a very a high percentage of people commenting on our influencer’s posts.
This was achieved by creating a narrative, together with the influencers, that was authentic and personal so people felt compelled to react on it.

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