Care and the H&M Conscious Foundation | Who do you admire?

Care and the H&M Conscious Foundation asked us to come up with a concept that would show the value and the impact of their approach. We proposed to do a series of short films on the ‘admirers’, because the real impact of role models can best be measured by their capacity to influence the people around them.

Together with our local researchers we found moving stories showing resilience, solidarity and personal growth. We filmed in Peru, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Nepal and Jordan. You can see the long film here. We’ll be publish short edits through social media, so expect them soon on your Facebook feed!

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‘Working with Makmende has taught us that genuine storytelling can serve as a tool to inspire, to show results, change behavior, lives and policies.
Margot Bolwerk, Campaign officer at Care

This project is part of a larger campaign called Skillpower, an initiative by Care supported by H&M . It is connected to the regional projects worldwide that empower local women in upcoming economies and rural areas.