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No one wants to be told what to do. So how do you make people change behavior that’s doing them more harm than good? BoP Innovation Center asked us to think of ways of convincing a rural Bangladeshi audience to change old habits regarding nutrition and hygiene. We decided to add humor to the equation and asked our local team to think along. What makes a Bangladeshi audience crack up?

We discovered an upcoming Bangladeshi stand-up comedian, who’d been flaunting a very funny Dr. Roni persona, a clumsy, but good-hearted doctor. We asked him to create series of sketches with us, featuring this ‘doctor’.

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‘We think it was a great idea of Makmende to use a local comedian that plays a silly doctor as it made the videos very entertaining and engaging for all household members in rural Bangladesh’.
Emile Schmitz, Impact Marketeer at BoP Innovation Center   

In each sketch Dr. Roni tries to help a patient to the best of his abilities, but most of his patients end up advising him. These sketches are shown to a (mostly) illiterate audience during and has resulted in increased use of products like iodized salt and sanitary napkins.         

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