| Booster Programme | Booster Programme aims to contribute to a more sustainable future for the global tourism industry. Through the ‘Booking Booster Programme’ they’re supporting a  group of extraordinary startups that look to scale their businesses and impact globally.
Booking has partnered with Makmende to create all content for the Booster programme.

In 2017 we’ve created 10 impact films, an employee engagement film, an overall programme video and after movies of the 2017 Booster workshops in Amsterdam

This year we’ll be going international. Creating content for the regional Booster Labs around the world; in Barcelona,Tel Aviv and New York.
On this page, we feature the impact film created with all participants of the Barcelona Lab 2018.
To learn more about the project, also checkout the overall showcase movie here

Drop us a line if you’re working on something that could use a little of the Makmende spirit

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