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What if big corporations would pay their fair share of tax?
For ActionAid we’ve created 4 campaign films, produced in Mozambique, Nepal, Malawi and Tanzania addressing the issue of fair tax in relation to quality education for girls.
In these films we portray girls who know exactly what could happen if their governments stop giving big corporations harmful tax breaks: there’d be more funds to improve free, public education for all children. They could pay for more qualified teachers, more learning materials, better schoolbuildings and sanitation. Everything they need for a proper education, and which they know often lack.
ActionAid gives youths the tools to claim their rights and demand governments keep their promises and improve education, by raising fair tax.


The campaign films aim to reach a broader audience in these countries and calls upon citizens to join in the protest and call on their governments to #fundeducation.
These films are tailor made for dissemination on Facebook, but will also be used on events and published on ActionAid’s Youtube Channel. The films frame the problem, but also the solution (!) in a clear and concise way. Using the strength of the individual girls to inspire and activate viewers, and show that change is possible. 

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