Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition | Urban Malnutrition

Urban Malnutrition
Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition | Urban Malnutrition By 2020, a large part of the world’s populations will live in urban areas. In upcoming economies these megacities lack sufficient infrastructure and access to healthy food. For the urban poor, the most available and affordable diets are often unhealthy. Return to cases  > Aim/GAIN asked Makmende to make ... Read more

Human Cities Coalition | Liveable Cities

Human Cities Coalition | Liveable Cities The Human Cities Coalition (HCC) brings members together to create solutions that make cities more liveable. For its conference ‘Building Liveable Cities Together’ held for partners and stakeholders, we produced two films of their pilot projects in Jakarta and Manila, two megacities that face similar challenges. Both located in a ... Read more

Belgian Development Agency | Responsible Tourism

BTC Belgian development agency
Belgian Development Agency | Responsible Tourism  If you could contribute to the conservation of wildlife AND enjoy a great vacation, would you do it? In the Enduimet Wildlife Area in Tanzania, now you can. The Belgian Development Agency finances this sustainable tourism project. Makmende was asked to create an online video targeted at a broad ... Read more


MamaCash | Tailored Activism We all know the images of women in the garment industry, working their hands to the bone to tailor your latest fashion statement. Did you, however, know that these women are also activists? For the Women Power Fashion Campaign, a collaboration between Mama Cash and Clean Clothes Campaign, we made an advocacy film about ... Read more

Care and the H&M Foundation | WHO INSPIRES YOU?

Makmende production commissioned by Makmende | Media for Impact
Care and the H&M Conscious Foundation | Who inspires you? Care and the H&M Conscious Foundation asked us to come up with a concept that would show the value and the impact of their approach. We proposed to do a series of short films on the ‘admirers’, because the real impact of role models can best ... Read more


Global research for the Facebook's initiative | Makmende media
CONNECTING THE WORLD | Facebook ‘Find individuals from all corners of the world who are not online, but who have something amazing to share’. Facebook first approached us with this incredible challenge in 2014. We were immediately triggered by their request.They wanted to show the world how much we’re all missing out on, when so many of us ... Read more


Pricewinning viral lipdub made in Uganda
IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY| Microbanker When Microbanker launched a radical new platform allowing people to sponsor individual entrepreneurs in Uganda, they needed to create a buzz around it. They asked us to come up with something ‘daring’. So we organized a lipdub in a small Ugandan town called Mukono together with 500 women, singing and dancing ... Read more

BoP Innovation Center | ASK DR. RONI

Series of sketches craeted for local audiences in Bangladesh
BoP Inc | Ask Dr. Roni! No one wants to be told what to do. So how do you make people change behavior that’s doing them more harm than good? BoP Innovation Center asked us to think of ways of convincing a rural Bangladeshi audience to change old habits regarding nutrition and hygiene. We decided to add humor to ... Read more


content strategy ngo
Philips | Innovation for a better world and brighter futures The Phillips Foundation has created ‘Community Life Centers’ throughout Africa. CLC’s are area’s of 1000m2 lit by powerful LEDs. They are a safe haven and a place where people can socialize in the evenings. In the past years we’ve made various stories about the impact of this ... Read more


Makmende | Media for Impact
Aidsfund | Bridging the gaps  The Dutch Aids Fonds created a special program called ‘Bridging the Gaps’ to support key populations that have a high risk of becoming infected with HIV. We made a series of videos about their projects in Vietnam, Tajikistan, Ukraine, South Africa and Kyrgyzstan. All stories are told from a personal perspective, to ... Read more