SOS: Quarantine Kids | 2020

How do we keep family bonds strong throughout these weird, Covid-19, times? This was SOS’s ask to Makmende as the international organisation looked for a way to keep meaningful  brand engagement in these unprecedented times. SOS focuses on keeping kids all around the world happy and connected. But international lockdown meant not only were little ones not … Read more

Dutch Relief Alliance: Locust Battleground film | September 2020

Dutch Relief Alliance This year, Somalia and Ethiopia are battling the worst locust plague since 25 years whilst additionally dealing with Covid-19. The Dutch Relief Alliance, a partnership of 8 NGOs, provides humanitarian assistance to crises like these. They wanted to raise awareness about the locust infestation, but travelling to remote areas is complicated, especially now. Rather than sending a … Read more

Cartier Women’s Initiative | June 2020

21 women’s stories shot in 17+ countries in only 3 weeks time We all know Cartier for its luxury watches. What fewer people know is that the Cartier Foundation, organiser of The Cartier Women’s Initiative, drives an annual international entrepreneurship program & award show to support female impact entrepreneurs worldwide. Makmende’s expertise in telling impact … Read more

GAIN Sun Pitch Competition | July 2020

GAIN | Sun Pitch Competition 2020 The SUN Pitch Competition is organised by the SUN Business Network, which is co-convened by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and the UN World Food Programme (WFP). As Makmende is a seasoned impact storytelling agency, we were asked to direct this event on quite short notice. During this … Read more



GLOBAL VIRTUAL IMPACT EVENT WITH RELX : HOW WATER RULES THE WORLD! Due to Covid-19, the World Water Week in Copenhagen was cancelled and by consequence also the 10th Anniversary of the RELX Environmental Challenge had to suddenly move online. Each year the RELX Environmental Challenge is awarded to projects that provide sustainable access to … Read more



CARTIER laureates announcement online Due to the global pandemic, Cartier had to cancel its live event in Boston (USA) and was forced to move their entire annual Award Show online. Suddenly it was impossible for the organisation to fly in all the participants and jurors from all over the world and celebrate the Award Show … Read more

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) | content strategy for thought leadership

Dutch-Enterprise-Agency-Makmende-Media Netherlands Enterprise Agency| Thought leader on entrepreneurship for development How do you inspire entrepreneurs to expand business and create impact?  RVO is there to help Dutch companies to spread their wings and to fly into the wider world, with the greatest possible chance of business and impact. A win / win situation.  As communication … Read more