Communicating Compounded Impact: Entrepreneur Support

Communication for Entrepreneur Support Organizations

Social entrepreneurs and the organizations that support them work together to address some of today’s most complex challenges. For entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs), telling the story means going beyond raising awareness and looking towards telling a story that recognizes the compounded impact their programs have on the world of social entrepreneurship. 

Harnessing the power of innovation, drive and collective commitment, ESOs can be vital in ensuring that social entrepreneurs receive the right kind of support to leverage their businesses as forces for good. ESOs have a unique place in the entrepreneur ecosystem – and their story is worth telling. 

So, how do ESOs communicate their impact – and why does it matter?

Our team at MAKMENDE works with organizations like Cartier Women’s Initiative, H&M Foundation and Symbiotics to ensure programs take a 360 degree approach to their communications – recognizing the importance of storytelling to achieve programmatic goals. During this workshop, we offer an insightful and interactive session aimed to address key challenges that ESOs face:

  • How can you identify the right stories and create consistent, high quality content on a global scale, sustainably?
  • How can you ensure authentic representation among program applicants/participants and the stories shared?
  • How can you create a tension arc and compelling content strategy for amplified impact?
  • How can you continue working towards communicating impact on a global scale despite restrictions and pandemic fatigue?

We’ll have a look at impact entrepreneurship related cases to illustrate these takeaways and explore how you can take your storytelling and entrepreneur support to the next level.

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