How to make the perfect video for social media

How to make the perfect video for social media

How do you hook people with your social media video? How do you ensure that people share your video, or discuss it. Making a social media video has more rules than you think.

And the rules for each social media channel are different. For example, think about how you scroll through Facebook. You see a picture of a friend, a meme, an article from a news website and then: a video comes by. You won’t stop scrolling when this video appears, simply because it is a video. You will only keep watching if the first shot caught your attention. Only if it seems interesting to keep looking. The first second of the video is therefore extremely important. How do you fill in this first second so that people stick? To this question, and much more, our new team member Claudia has an answer.

She knows exactly how to bring your video to the attention of the right target group, and how this video will perform best. With the expansion of our team, we now provide advice on social media strategy and the content of videos for social media. So that our content perfectly matches your goal, and performs best within your target group on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn ect. Want to know more about your social media strategy, advertising on social media or how to optimize your video’s. Send an e-mail to and she will contact you.

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