How are you?

How are you?


Hi creatives, photographers, producers and DoPs around the world,

What a surreal past few weeks it’s been! Second week of March, the entire team at Makmende was sent home to begin our “work-at-home” journey. No more team meetings around a shared breakfast, no more physical socialising with our co-workers, no more putting our bikes on the ferry to reach our office in Amsterdam Noord.

As most, we weren’t immune to the tidal wave of project cancellations as we witnessed countries going into lockdown, one after the other, which consequently shut down, in most cases, the possibility of shoots to take place altogether.

We’ve been adapting to our new reality fairly well as most humans will, in the end (we’re more resilient than we think).

Now going into our sixth week of lockdown, our new “work-at-home” routine has taken shape and even gotten to be comfortable.

That being said, each lockdown scenario has been a total different experience for everyone (see our crews’ shared experiences below) and sometimes much tougher than what we’ve been dealt here in the Netherlands.

That brings me to ask you: how are you doing right now?  What’s been keeping you up at night? What’s changed for you?  Are you confined to your home or, on the contrary,  busier than ever covering stories related to COVID?

Post a selfie of your “new reality” on Instagram and tag @makmendemedia for a re-share. We’d love to hear from you!

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