Here’s 3 ways how visual storytelling can help.

Annual reports, impact reports, midterm reviews…They are important milestones, but not always easy to digest.
Here’s 3 ways how visual storytelling can help.

Photography is your best friend

Most reports today include photography but often, not much time is spent on a consistent photographic style and narrative. The photographs might be taken from a variety of different projects throughout the year with difference in style and quality. We believe that creating photography specifically for your report makes all the difference. The photos tell your story from A to Z, just like the story you’re telling with words.  

We have a network of photographers around the world, so they never have to travel far to get you the best images for your visual story.  

Photoshoot for SOMO on the garment industry in Myanmar 

Photoshoot for RVO on access to electricity in Rwanda

Photoshoot for Care on climate change in Uganda

Stories from the field 

How do you showcase or evaluate your theory of change? These are often complex processes involving different actors and long term processes. Breaking the process down into smaller bits and showing what the pathway of change looks like in real life, can be of great help. Not just to convince people of how important these processes are, but also as a starting point for further discussion. This is what we did for the Girls Advocacy Alliance. We worked with local journalists who go on a journey to find out what triggers change. How does it come about and what impact does it have on the ground?

The result: a series of mini documentaries which were used to spark discussion with professionals and partners of the Alliance. 

Literally step into a project, with 360 video

360° video is an immersive experience. When you put on the goggles you’re transported to a new reality. You can look behind you, above and below and hear the sounds around you. That’s why it’s also a very effective tool for selling or showing the impact of your projects. 

You could create hefty reports about the impact of your projects, or, you could invite your funders or partners to experience it for themselves. 

Want to know more? Mail Ivan ( with any question how MAKMENDE could help you infuse your report with strong visuals.

360 video for GAIN on nutrition in the garment industry in Bangladesh


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