From a taxi in Berlin to the office in Amsterdam

From a taxi in Berlin to the office in Amsterdam


My journey with Makmende Media started back in 2015 when I was in Berlin. I met a  taxi driver who is also a freelance cinematographer. After we talked about filmmaking, he told me about Makmende Media and advised me to apply and work with them. He’d worked with them before and he said they were always in search of creatives from all around the world.
wo months later I was back in Jordan and sent Makmende my portfolio. Without mentioning the crazy story of how I got to know about them. They hired me to do an assignment in Jordan which was my first project with a company from outside my country.  This was the start of a longer working relationship with Makmende that eventually lead me to going to Amsterdam to work at the Makmende headquarters.

But before this happened I worked with Makmende on a very exiting production in Jordan, producing three 360 videos for CARE, an international NGO. I was very happy and excited about the  idea and the concept of these films. The production was a big success and it opened another door for me. Not only making new contacts with filmmakers from the Netherlands, but it also got me interested in virtual reality and that is how I decided that I’d do my Masters on this subject.

When I met the Makmende team for the first time in real life, the vibe was beautiful and got me excited to apply and do an internship at their office. Now I am writing this story while sitting on my desk here in Amsterdam. I’m learning new things everyday, about production, team work, producing and creative thinking. Not only at the office, but also within the city and its beautiful effect on a personal, creative and social level.

I don’t know if it was luck, opportunity or energy that made me cross Daniel’s path, the taxi driver and cinematographer from Berlin, but what I know that somehow it brought me here to Amsterdam, to Makmende Media.

Salim Slameh: Filmmaker, writer and photographer

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