How do you tell stories that inspire and motivate your audience to take positive action while the world is on fire?

Communicating on Climate Change

Many global organisations work on raising awareness and provoke accelerated action in times of urgency. There is a challenge for comms professionals to tell uplifting, inspirational stories to take urgent action to turn the tide. Main questions that we encounter are: how do you visualise concepts such as sustainable travel or water management and sanitation? How do we tell stories around complex issues such as the negative impact of climate change (for example the increasing gender inequality and food security) ?  

Our team at Makmende has many years of experience in crafting stories for organisations such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the sustainability programs within organisations such as  RLEX and Foundation. During this workshop we illustrate how you can tell authentic stories about complex topics and what the pitfalls and discoveries are during the process. We will have a look at climate change and water  related cases to illustrate these takeaways. 
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Dates: 6 June, 14 June, 21 June, 18 July

12h30-13h30 CET