Through effective strategy and visual content we make distant realities feel close to home.

That’s how we strive to raise awareness on the issues of today, to move and activate audiences. Our stories come straight from the communities. We produce them with our local media professionals around the world. They help us to challenge our perceptions, and find the human core behind every narrative.

about makmende media impact communication

‘Working with Makmende has taught us that genuine storytelling can serve as a tool to inspire, to show results, change behavior, lives and policies.

– Margot Bolwerk, Campaign officer at Care

Locally produced content, globally spread.

Makmende is a media agency with a global reach. We produce film and photography , but also design (online) media strategies and create concepts that help our clients reach audiences and enhance their social impact. We optimize our results to make sure the message triggers the right people.

Sustainable development is in our DNA, for the past 10 years we’ve worked alongside NGOs, governments and businesses that strive for a better world. We’ve seen NGOs become brands and brands become advocates. Our strategists and media experts make that cross-over work, addressing the social responsibility of brands.

Photo commissioned by Rijksdienst van Ondernemend Nederland

Do you have the Makmende spirit?

Curious to know what Makmende means? If you’re from Kenya you may know, it’s Swahili slang for a person attempting to do what seems to be impossible. The organizations and brands we partner with, all share some of that Makmende spirit. They are challenging gender roles, improving access to finance and producing more sustainably. If their message spreads, amazing things can happen. We make sure their stories get told in a way that not only captivates, but also activates audiences. 

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Photo: Nana Kofi Acquah

‘It’s time that we should take control of our own stories and tell them the way we see them’
– Timothy Mwaura, Kenyan cinematographer and director

HOW | talent is everywhere

How we do this? With lots of care, love AND the right people.
We are a network company, our core team of creatives, producers and strategists is based in Amsterdam. Working closely together with local professionals scattered around the globe, who have access to incredible stories and know how to produce them even in the most remote areas. This is an approach we strongly believe in and we have a long track record to prove its worth. We don’t fly in crews if we don’t need to, because talent is everywhere.

For each assignment we partner up with the best people for the job, who work alongside you and your team.
Check out our portfolio to see how that works out.

Photo is part of our campaign on climate change for Care, Partners for Resilience

Job opportunities

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