Five communication solutions to deal with the current reality

Addressing the five most common problems impact organisations are facing right now, we’re sharing some communication solutions:


Your problem:

We want to connect with the current situation and stay relevant (as our scheduled campaign ideas are out of touch with what’s happening)

Our solution:

Our strategy team knows how to create an authentic dialogue with your community and target groups. We can quickly help you adapt your campaign strategy to focus on human connections to stay genuine and relevant. 

Boosting morale and creating a feeling of connectedness could not be more urgently needed. Showcasing stories of resilience from your work can act as a powerful tool of hope to others. 

One of the ways we are keeping in touch these days is through video-call apps such as Skype and Zoom. They provide the technology that connects us. But what if this technology was put to use to tell stories too?


Your problem:

Our event is cancelled, and my organisation is moving to a live stream and I need someone to host it.

Our solution:

Use a local presenter who could inform your webinar visitors about the situation on the ground and add a local flavour. MAKMENDE works with a network of local presenters around the world via a live connection that can be involved in your online event.
New recording equipment is getting smaller, cheaper and more mobile. We can put a personality in front of the camera whilst keeping safety in front of mind.

Here is a video we made with one of our local Ugandan TV presenters:


Your problem:

We don’t know how to get our message out there during the pandemic.

Our solution:

Collaborate with influencers. During the pandemic, people are spending more time than ever before, at home behind their mobile devices. Influencers are expert creators of engaging social content which if targeted correctly, viewers will share. From Amsterdam to Mongolia, MAKMENDE has a broad portfolio of influencers in our global network.

We prefer working with micro-influencers for authenticity, relevance and engagement.
Influencers can self-shoot and we can edit and adapt their content into something awesome.




Your problem:

We need to show how real people from our projects are being impacted by the pandemic, but we can’t work with film crews.

Our solution:

User-generated content. MAKMENDE is experienced in briefing non-makers how to create content. With online tutorials on how to create content with your mobile phone, our creative team can also set up briefings for a large group of people gathering unique content from around the world!

Our local producers can boost and help the production. Once the footage is shot, we will make sure it gets to our office where we can edit it.

Here is an example we made for CARE:


Your problem:

Covid pandemic is directly affecting our revenue, should we run a fundraising campaign?

Our solution:

It is currently relatively easy and cheap to reach people. The willingness to give is also currently high. It might be smart to act now. With relatively small tweaks to existing content, we can make new relevant content directly addressing the problem at hand. 

Do you want to know more about one of the solutions mentioned above or are you looking for a solution to a specific problem?

Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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