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THE (R)EVOLUTION OF STORYTELLING: Cartier Women’s Initiative, 2021

Gabrielle de Mijolla was faced with a rather daunting challenge: producing video content from 24 countries in a mere 3 months’ time. the classical approach of flying a film crew around the world wouldn’t work (not to mention COVID-19). The only way to get the job done was employing and managing multiple film crews simultaneously…

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Western hegemony keeps declining as other parts of the globe claim their rightful places. With a pandemic that keeps on raging, Makmende is letting go of the Western gaze even further. In its hybrid events, which combine the best of the offline and online experiences, people from across the globe create magic together…

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“For us, the question is always: how can we move beyond the idea of us and them, and into the space of actual human connection?”, says Giselle Micollo, Creative Director at Makmende Media. “We aspire to be inspired by all media makers who participate in our productions, here and there, instead of being the top-down employers”…

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Ever seen a locust up-close? In the summer of 2020, Ethiopia and Somalia experienced the worst locust invasion in 25 years. The Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) wanted to produce video content about the emergency relief they were providing, to inform donors of the severity of the situation

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