Ever imagined what your life would be like if you’d have to flee your country and leave everything behind? How would you start again?
With the fundraising campaign ‘Walk in her Shoes’, Care invites the Dutch audience to walk a mile in the shoes of women who’ve had to overcome hardship  and lack access to basic needs.
And w
hat better way to do that, than by an immersive 360° video experience?

In collaboration with Care, Makmende is currently producing 3 short 360° films in Jordan. Featuring three very different women, with different backgrounds and personal histories, but all with the samen determination and strength to build up their lives in spite of difficulties.  Because, as one of the women puts it: “Life puts you in many good and bad situations, I choose not to be weak, I choose to wake up every morning and do what I got to do and this is what I try to teach my children”.

We’ll publish the films on our website beginning of May. Don’t forget to check it out!

360 Video is a new storytelling tool. An immersive experience, which brings a foreign reality closer to your own, use goggles to look  behind, above and besides you. Be transported to the refugee camps of Jordan, the streets of Bangalore or the salt flats of Bolivia. 360 Video is effective tool if you want to create a buzz online, or gather a crowd at events and presentations.

Contact us if you want to explore the possibilities of video in 360 degrees